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Site Animator and Administrator

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PostSubject: Rules   Wed Dec 12, 2007 9:07 am

Note: There may be additional rules for certain sections, look for sticky topics. These rules however, applies to the entire CreativeArt forum.


No racism is tolerated

No Porn is tolerated

No talk about serials/warez/cracks etc

Use common sense

Max signature dimensions are 500 width x 150 height.
Try your best to use proper grammar and spelling.
Don't double/triple/etc post, edit your last one.
Don't dig up dead threads unless its very important.
Only serious work may be posted in the showoff forum.

When quoting, please remove text in a post that you do not wish to refer to. Do not backseat moderate. That is don't tell people they are doing things wrong. PM The Admins or Moderators and we will deal with the infringing post(s).

Personal insults, fighting and bickering will not be tollerated If I see more people personally flaming at each other, starting fights and going offtopic, you're going to be slapped with big warnings, and if you keep it up you'll quickly find yourself tempbanned.
Offencive and Abusive private messages. If you are receiving abusive private messages, please notify me [Draunia05 Send PM] and I will see what I can do to minimise the problem.
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